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CUPS Microsite | My name is Laurence Dunn here to introduce you to the business that I partly own Creative Room. We offer our services to help you maintain your website in a smarter and better way with our CUPS service. See the brochure. We expanded our micro-enterprise in the last year and rebranded it too. This formed Creative Room our new Advertising Agency that has replaced my old brand name of �Journeys Multimedia� that had been going in since late 2007, when I first set up shop with my redundancy money from Altavia-Group who are a French retail marketing agency from Paris. Wind forward to 2013. We now have a much improved creative offering thanks to my 50% business partner and Creative Director Mr Sagaren Pillai, who had an agency in Dubai, called �Big Blue Advertising�. He joined the business as partner in September last year. He spent a number of years in the Middle East working for some wealthy Arabs who worked extensively on Arab and African consumer projects. Before that he was working in London at Saatchis. We are good at doing both traditional and online work for carefully selected enterprises that we feel a connection exists from a product perspective in one way or another. We have great team of a copywriter, some web teccys and mystery shopping enthusiasts. We would very much like to be considered as a potential supplier if you ever need to competitively tender any of your existing or perceived marketing functions as business process outsource BPO arrangements or contracts. The business is now in its 6th year and we can offer our various services to you, right from our competitive CUPS powered by Creative Room online and website updating service, plus all the usual traditional media channels like advertising, direct marketing, outdoor, events and print thanks to our many years of combined experience in the marketing and advertising sector.




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